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Cerebral Palsy, an Incurable, Chronic Brain Disorder

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by in Beauty and Health | 0 comments

Even the womb can be a critical place for an unborn child. This is because anything taken by the mother – healthy as well as unhealthy food, illegal substances or even prescription drugs, will serve as food for the child to either to keep him/her healthy or to damage his/her health. This is why pregnant women should refrain from over-eating, smoking, taking alcohol, using illegal drugs or taking prescription medication that have not been proven safe for women who are pregnant or expecting to become pregnant soon. Equally important is the detection and proper treatment of any infections suffered by the mother as this, plus whatever she consumes, can lead to unfavorable effects on the unborn which he/she may suffer from for the rest of his/her life.

One of the worst kinds of birth injuries a child can suffer from is cerebral palsy, an incurable, chronic brain disorder that impairs a child’s muscle coordination, body movement, cognition, sensation, perception, speech, and other brain functions. Cerebral palsy is currently the most common neurodevelopmental motor impairment in children and, according to different United Cerebral Palsy associations, more than 500,000 children suffer from it and about 10,000 more acquire it every year.

This brain disorder may either be congenital or acquired. It is caused by the lack of oxygen supply to the brain or trauma to one or more specific areas of the brain, which can occur before, during or after birth. One sad thing, however, is the fact that the major reason for its development is medical malpractice – a failure by the doctor, medical staff or hospital, to provide the required standard care to both mother and child, maybe during pregnancy, labor and delivery or right after birth.

Babies who are born prematurely or who were born with very low birth weight are most susceptible to cerebral palsy. Other than these, some other factors that increase the risk of cerebral palsy revolve around the failure of medical professionals to:

  • Identify and/or treat any infection suffered by the mother during pregnancy
  • Recognize and properly treat fetal problems
  • Prepare for a C-section procedure (prior to delivery) if the child will not be able to pass safely through the birth canal or perform an emergency C-section (during delivery) if necessary
  • Properly use forceps or vacuum to deliver the child
  • Detect a prolapsed umbilical cord

Cerebral palsy can significant impact the child’s and his/her family’s life. Besides limiting, or totally taking away, the child’s chance to engage in meaningful and fun activities, treating the effects of this brain disorder will also require expensive medical treatment throughout the course of the child’s life.

While the law allows the victim of medical malpractice to receive compensation from the liable party, proving liability and making sure that he/she will receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by the law will not be easy. Cerebral Palsy lawyers, especially those from the Driscoll firm, will be able to provide the degree and level of legal expertise and help that the victim specifically needs. Those interested, however, may click here to learn more about cerebral palsy and the victim’s legal rights.

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