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Defective Medical Products: Stryker’s Rejuvenate and ABG II

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For people suffering from a severely damaged hip joint the Rejuvenate Modular Hip Neck and Stem and the ABG II Modular Neck and Stem were considered as the best solutions that would enable them to be mobile and active again. These prosthetic implants were introduced by Stryker Corp. in 2008 and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2009 to treat people with fractured hip.

Since the Rejuvenate Modular Neck Stem Hip served as a substantial equivalent of the already available Wright Medical Profemur Hip Implant Replacement, but which was then being linked to a number of complications, the FDA accepted it under its 510(k) process and, thus, approved it without the thorough pre-market testing and research requirement that mandated of new products.

The major difference (and advantage) these Stryker products had was their capability to minimize bone stress and provide greater stability which were made possible by the six stems and 16 necks (of the Rejuvenate hip) and the 10 modular necks, eight left stems and eight right stems of the ABG II system. Thus, compared to the one-piece neck and stem (known as the monoblock design) of other hip implant systems, the Rejuvenate and the ABG II gave surgeons much more flexibility in custom-fitting these prosthetic implants into patients.

Using its very own titanium alloy blend, which is a mixture of iron, zirconium, molybdenum and titanium, Stryker was able to claim and assure corrosion and fretting resistance (a case wherein metal particles would flake off and mix into the blood). However, these very claims were proven false as post-market data showed proofs of corrosion and fretting in patients in whom the devices have been implanted. Besides these, the release of toxic metals, loosening of the implant and other side effects (which require corrective surgery) were linked to the devices – the cause of a succession of lawsuits against Stryker Corp.

Before Stryker voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate in July 2012 more than 20,000 patients all across the US had already received the implant. The two most dangerous side-effect of the device, which were the most common bases of the lawsuit also, were implant failure and the increased risk of metallosis, an unfavorable condition of tissues due to heavy metals inside the body (this is caused by metallic corrosion which, in turn, is due to the rubbing of metallic surfaces against each other).

Since 2012, hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed against Stryker. It is important that individuals who have been implanted with the Rejuvenate or the ABG II system contact a personal injury lawyer immediately as he/she can help in the process of assessing any possibility of a side-effect and, thus, help the individual file a lawsuit.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer is another wise option as he/she can help the individual harmed by the product to file a civil lawsuit that can lead to the receipt of compensation needed for the costly medical treatment and to cover all present and future damages resulting from the implant injury.

Effect of a Criminal Charge to a Divorce Case

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A healthy marriage is always beneficial to the mental and physical health of spouses and their children; it can always cushion any member of the family too from the negative effects social, educational and other types of problems.

So many marriages in the US, however, deviate from the healthy path and rather end up in divorce. A lot of studies, in fact, show that between 40 and 50 percent of couples divorce after just some years of living together; worse, the divorce rate for succeeding marriages is still higher.

Already a stressful and an emotionally-draining experience, the divorce process becomes even tougher when the issues that need to be settled, like child custody, division of property, assets and debts, will and testament, and others, become contested (this happens when each spouse fights for his/her own interests, never wanting to give in to the request/want of the other). Failing to reach any agreement (on their own) regarding the divorce-related issues, all decisions will have to be made by a family court judge based on factors and/or evidences that will help him/her arrive at justified and sound decisions.

It is in a contested divorce that each of the spouses will definitely need the assistance of an excellent family law attorney, like a divorce lawyer in The Woodlands, to be able to move the court to decide on his/her behalf (hopefully without resorting to character assassination, which will put down his/her ex-partner). And there are instances (to abide by the rule that some decisions, such as on child custody, child support and visitation rights, will have to be made in consideration of the child’s best interests) when one will need to expose the recent or current wrongdoings of another to make sure that the children (especially) will never be affected and made to suffer from these parentally-unfit behaviors.

These wrongdoings include past arrests and convictions, like child abuse, DUI or alcohol and/or drug abuse/dependence. More than anything, it is being charged with a drug crime that can make winning divorce-related issues very challenging, especially in states where fault grounds for divorce are still observed. And the more recent a criminal charge is (or if the act can be established to be a pattern), the more the judge will rule against the erring spouse.

If the drug charge was made many years ago, however, and if the spouse charged or convicted of the crime has undergone a complete rehabilitation program, rendering him or her cured from the abuse or addiction, then the court can overrule such past wrong act and even consider it inadmissible in a divorce trial. This is based on the (family law) context that the remoteness of an act cannot be admitted as evidence against a person, more so if such act is not part of a repeated pattern, is not is likely to be repeated and has been corrected through a treatment or rehabilitation program.

Another very important thing one ought to consider when charged of a drug crime is to contact a Cape Cod drug crimes lawyer immediately. Being a highly competent legal counsel, he/she has the capability to help save the person from the drug charge, as well as advice him/her on what actions to take to remedy any other legal issues that may arise from the charge.

The Brazilian Blowout

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Whether it’s a haircut, hair coloring, hair styling, hair and scalp treatment, hair extensions, flawless makeup, special updo, makeup application, bridal application, and so forth, Therapy Hair Studio promises only one thing: service that will bring out unique inner beauty. And with its latest service – the Brazilian Blowout now available, you can have perfect hair to match the beautiful you.

When it comes to effective professional hair treatment, the Brazilian Blowout is the latest craze around the world. This straightening (and smoothing) hair treatment rids the hair of frizz, leaving it wonderfully soft, smooth, and full of life! It works by locking keratin inside the hair to make it healthy, silky, and radiant, instead of curly and frizzy. But to make sure that the intended result is just what clients will get, the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment should be performed only by a duly certified stylist. This is due to the chemicals and the amount of application to be used in the treatment. It is therefore necessary that clients tell the stylist about any type of allergy they may have, as the chemicals to be used may cause negative skin and/or scalp reaction or damage.

Individuals, who have damaged, frizzy, course, curly, Japanese straightened, permed, or processed hair are some of the best candidates for the Brazilian Blowout treatment. For those with very curly hair the treatment may only minimize the frizz; it will, however, make the hair much more alive, smoother and much easier to manage. This is the same for those with highlights or hair color, besides making the color of the hair more enhanced and alive.

The effects of the Brazilian Blowout usually last from 2 ½ – 3 months and, with regular treatments, the effects will tend to last longer, besides making the hair still healthier, smoother and more beautiful.

Rollover Accidents and the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Many of those intending to buy a vehicle choose an SUV due to the belief that this type of vehicle is much sturdier compared to cars, providing greater safety for its driver and passengers from severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Rightly so! With its size being bigger it can fare well enough in side-impact and head-on collisions; however, it’s a completely different issue if the accident is a rollover – a deadly type of crash to which SUVs are the types of vehicles most prone.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), modern SUVs are far more stable and safer compared to those manufactured five or ten years earlier. The major change is the incorporation of the electronic stability control (ESC), which gives the driver greater control of the vehicle, especially when the vehicle skids. ESC, specifically, has sensors capable of detecting loss of vehicle control. The device applies automatic brakes on the appropriate wheel, thus enabling the driver to be in control until the vehicle is back on track. ESC is also designed to help eliminate any possibility of oversteering or understeering, improve traction on slippery and icy roads, make the vehicle stable during sudden turns, and improve handling on gravel patches and road shoulders. These extra safety features have probably saved an uncountable amount of people from serious injury or death. According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, sometimes extra safety features can save people money on insurance as well.

An SUV’s high ground clearance (or high center of gravity) and narrow track width (that is the distance between the left wheels and the right wheel) are the major reasons for its greater susceptibility to rollover. The extra weight from passengers, cargo and other heavy equipment (especially if the equipment are loaded on top of the vehicle) increase the risk of the vehicle tipping over.

There are instances, when an injury is internal, manifesting itself months after the accident occurred. A victim may file a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, especially if the accident is still within the statute of limitations allotted by the state where the accident happened (the statute of limitation is a legal rule which determines the time limit for a victim to file a lawsuit. It differs from one state to another and may start from the time that the accident occurred or the time when the injury was discovered. In Colorado, for instance, the state allows three years for car accidents, while in Texas, the time limit is two years).

If in case, due to physical inability, the victim fails to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, then his or her personal injury lawyer or SUV rollover lawyer can request the court to have the statute of limitations tolled (Tolling is a legal policy that allows for the delaying or pausing of the running of the period of time imposed by a statute of limitations).

Financial Concerns for Families: On Student Loan and Car Insurance

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The U.S. Department of Education very recently released information which said that majority of student loans (Direct Loans from the Education Department) are either falling behind in payment or are not being paid at all – this means billions of dollars not being returned to the government.

From the $1 trillion total amount of student loan debt in May 2012 (made by 37 million Americans), the amount has gone up to $1.17 trillion as of July 2014. This makes majority of those finishing college already facing a $25 – $30 thousand dollar-debt, which they need to pay beginning on the 6th month after graduation (these individuals are assumed to have found work already by such time).

Students rather prefer to apply for the federal government-funded Federal student loans than Private Student loans (which are funded by the school, a state agency, a credit union, or a bank). This is because the former has a fixed and lower interest rate, does not require a credit check, payment may temporarily be postponed or lowered due to financial hardship, does not impose pre-payment penalty fees, and so forth.

Despite the debt even before starting a professional career, those who have already finished their education and have began paying their debts, which they claim they will have to pay for quite a long time, do not feel any regret since they believe that the loan has enabled them to achieve a better and higher status of life.

There have been cases wherein a student, who has applied for a loan, is also receiving a grant, making the loan amount more than enough to cover school fees for the whole year. Some of those in this situation (even a number of those without a grant but with a loan more than enough to pay for their education) find it wiser to use the excess amount to purchase a car as this will prove more economical than using public transport every day.

Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® notes that having car insurance is one of the basic requirements for one to be able to enjoy driving privileges; but, due to the lack of capability to afford high car liability insurance premiums, the need for a much affordable car insurance policy is highly necessary – a case wherein choosing a car insurance policy, which can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of people, would be the wisest decision.

Realizing how student loans have helped them earn a degree and improve their lifestyle, these graduates, as mentioned above, do not regret having debts to pay for many years after graduation. Payment, of course, becomes possible due to having found a good-paying job. But this is not the case for others, who continue to struggle in finding steady employment. And without the ability to earn wages, paying their education loans becomes a big concern.

Since education loans are secured debts, these cannot be dismissed even if the student files for bankruptcy; by doing so, however, he/she can have the chance to repay the loan in a way that will never be burdensome for him/her.

A Birmingham student loan lawyer would be able to help greatly in making the student understand the best options he/she has in settling the debt. Whether it is through the filing of bankruptcy or through other means, there will always be a legal solution available.